Boston Marathon Runners Discouraged Because of Warm Weather – Does this Mean its Lobstah Roll Time?

When the Boston Athletic Association adopted the slogan "THIS IS NOT A RACE, it is an experience" for this year’s Boston Marathon, people knew something was up. Those actually in Boston knew exactly what was up – extreme warm temperatures hit Boston this past weekend and most of New England. Hot enough that the Boston Athletic Association, the organization that puts on the marathon, discouraged anyone without marathon running experience from participating in the marathon.

The warm weather was not the best news for runners, but for travelers and people looking forward to days by the pool this is wonderful news. With an early spring and possibly earlier summer arrival, New England is a great place to vacation in the upcoming months (also known as "mud season") if even just for a quick weekend getaway. Flowers are blooming, there is a slight chill in the air that wards off humidity, and days are longer. Another great thing about most New England destinations is coastal location. Water might not be warm enough for an ocean swim, but sailing does not discriminate against water temperature this time of year.

Favorite destinations during summer are favorites during late spring as well. Newport, Rhode Island, Nantucket, Massachusetts, Hartford, Connecticut, and Stowe, Vermont are a few popular destinations that come to mind for the quintessential New England vacation. Do not forget about Boston. It is great starting point for any New England trip and this time of year is fun, because the city is buzzing with baseball fever. Next time you think of heading south this spring remember that springtime in New England has a little bit of something for everyone.