Your Favorite Winter Destination Could Also Host Your Spring, Summer or Fall Vacation

I love winter on the mountains—the calm quiet of snow falling, the feeling of cool crisp mountain air rushing past your face as your head down the mountain. It's so peaceful—and, dare I say, romantic—that one can't help but love it. Nightfall is especially pleasing when fluffy fat flakes are lazily making their way down from a glowing orange sky reflecting the lights below. When you're on the ski runs or shredding the side of a mountain do you ever stop and wonder what that beautiful winter playground would be like in the spring, summer, or fall? If you haven't, you should give it some thought.

Spring Coming back to your favorite mountain destinations during the spring can bring a whole new appreciation for the places you love to visit. You'll get to see the mountain coming alive with greenery and animals alike. Sometimes the winter runoff can cause some problems and make some hiking trails unavailable, but this is a great time to take a brisk mountain hike. If you're a fan of wildlife it can also be a great time to break out the camera and get some snapshots of all the animals waking up from their winter slumber. Another bonus is that many of the bugs that come out to annoy in the summer haven't appeared yet. It's still pretty cool, and the air still has a bit of winter's bite. If you've never explored your favorite winter haunts in the spring, you should give it a try.

Summer During the summer many winter resorts are homes to great festivals and activities. One of the most popular for mountain bikers is the Crankworx freeride mountainbike series held in Canada and Colorado. When it comes to festivals and events, resorts play excellent hosts. Check out your favorite resorts and resort towns for things like blues and brews festivals, wine auctions, art festivals, film festivals, and more. You can find festivals and events for any of your favorite pastimes at your favorite resorts. And don't forget all the awesome alpine slides that open during the summer!

Fall What's better than a green mountain? One that's wrapped in the amazing yellow, orange and red colors of fall. It's that awesome time of year when the summer crowds die out and you get the resorts to yourself. The first hints of winter are creeping in and the colors of fall make every hour of the day brilliant. Fall is also home to many of your favorite summer activities like film festivals, only without the heat that can often accompany summer activities. This is one of the best times of the years to get deals on lodging and go for long hikes without seeing too many other tourists. Many of the mountain bike trails are still open and all of your favorite summer activities are still a viable option and you can do them all with relief from the summer heat. Next time you're on the slopes give some thought to what the spring, summer, and fall could bring. Who knows, you may even find some new outdoor passions to fill the time between winters. Thanks for reading, and happy vacationing!