Mountain Reservations: Zillions of Blogs

According to the site BlogPulse, there are total identified blogs of 141,332,379 as of today. The number of new blogs in the last 24 hours is 95,142. The total number of blog posts indexed in last 24 hours equals 928,109. Staggering. So how does one decide which blogs to read and where you will spend your time?  It is simply impossible to keep up, even with topics that may interest or inspire you.  One of the best ways to find new blogs is through recommendations. Recently Chris Brogan came to Salt Lake City for a social media summit.  He is an interesting and nice guy who is always looking for new projects.  Often I wonder how he does it all.  One of his new projects is Man on the Go.  According to the site, the idea behind the site is "to deliver information on whatever works with regards to gear, hotels, airlines, and everything that goes around the crazy world of travel. blog about travel".  Some of the posts are tips, some are about certain properties and others are meant to be funny, like Chris' informative post about the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Another one with great tips is this post from Mitch Joel giving some tips about checking into hotels.  Mitch talks about simple things like asking for a quiet room on a low level floor and he also suggests signing up for all hotel loyalty programs.  Mitch came to Salt Lake with Chris, so it was fun to listen to him, and especially comical watching him role his eyes numerous times, although I found his tip about asking for a more suitable desk chair a bit over the top.  It sounds like he spends too much time working in his room and not enough time working by the pool. Spending some time on Man on the Go is both fun and you can also find some great ideas. What are some of your best travel tips?