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Stowe, VT

Stowe, Vermont is one of the main ski destinations in the eastern U.S., otherwise known as the “Ski Capital of the East.” Just 40 minutes from Vermont’s main airport, Stowe is an easy drive for the surrounding states and the visitors. Stowe has many transportation options, both inside and outside of town. Whether by air, train, bus or car, Stowe is a great destination for winter or summer travel.

Stowe, Vermont has positioned itself as an upscale community welcoming domestic and international visitors alike. Stowe prides itself in its “multi-dimensional” community feel, with the mountain resort, award winning dining and lodging establishments, and great art and cultural. Stowe also makes sure to blend the historical and upscale feel in its colonial eastern feel and atmosphere. The Stowe Village is the main hub for activity and transportation throughout the various scenic spots. Most visitors enjoy staying in the village and enjoying the various great activities.

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