Halloween At the Park City Peaks


It was a Halloween weekend getaway to remember. As I pulled into Park City the air was crisp and the sun was shining. I walked into the lobby of Park City Peaks Hotel, and was immediately greeted with warm smiles, and the ever embracing feeling of the good ol’ mountain atmosphere.  It had been a while since breakfast so I quickly checked into the room, and headed to sports bar on the third floor to bask in some much needed cuisine.  As I walked in the bar tender gave an energized “Happy Halloween! Here’s our menu, any fun plans for this evening?” We chatted lightly about the evening to come, and I placed my order. I was famished, and she was on the ball, the food came out quickly, and was better than I had anticipated. Not that I had high expectations for a Quesadilla, but maybe I should have. My mouth was swarming in sea of blended cheeses, crisp grilled peppers, and a toasty shell. With my belly full and spirits high I jetted back to the room to get ready for evening. Quick shower and cocktail later I was off to take the shuttle to main. When I walked out of my room the gentleman from across the hall was heading out as well. I gave him a smile, and wished him a happy Halloween. That’s when I had to double take. It was none other than Key Lewis, the very comedian whom I had come out to park city to see perform! Ecstatic couldn’t even touch the way I felt. I was in humored bliss. We exchanged stories on the shuttle about the weather, and his family, and ended up catching up for drinks after the show. The man was just as funny in person as he was on stage. Over all it was a great evening that wouldn’t have been as wonderful if it wasn’t for the peaks.

Safe Travels,

The Mountain Reservations Team