Planning a Summer Vacation

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Relax and explore during your next summer vacation. Summer is all about having fun, relaxing with friends and family and spending time in nature. Summertime means the kids are out of school, its wedding season, road trips are a must and a family reunion is bound to pop up on your calendar. It can be overwhelming to think of all of the things you want and need to do during summer. One way to avoid a feeling of panic when you look at your summer to-do list is to plan ahead. When you start planning your summer vacation in April you can reduce your stress and save money on all of your travel expenses. You are also more likely to find your number one choice for lodging whether that's a beachfront home or a mountainside condo. Read through our summer planning tips below and start planning your vacation today.

Hassle-free Summer Vacations

People driving on a road trip.

Road trips are a great way to see more of America and save money.

Drive or fly?

Depending on where you live a road trip could be a fun and affordable option for your summer travel. For example, for California residents a road trip to Lake Tahoe, Mammoth and Yosemite would be a wonderful way to explore three scenic mountain destinations during a week or two-week trip. The West is famous for wide open spaces and stunning vistas and you can see all of the wild country of the West from a car. If you book your rental car in advance you are also more likely to find 10 or 15% off discounts.Not all beaches are the same. Some are great for sunbathing and some are perfect for surfing. Plan ahead to make sure your beach meets your needs

Turn a wedding into a vacation

Your refrigerator is probably already full of "Save the Date" cards for summer weddings. It's time to sift through the cute photos and decide which weddings you will attend and which third cousin might just get a wedding gift this year. If you decide to attend your friend's out-of-state wedding you can turn your wedding trip into a full vacation. Try traveling from a Wednesday to a Wednesday rather than just a weekend. This way you'll be able to take advantage of mid-week travel discounts and enjoy some down time before and after the festivities. The week can be a romantic trip for two or a family vacation. One benefit to weddings with your entire family is childcare! There's always a cousin or friend that can help watch your children while you enjoy some adult time with your friends and family.

White water rafting is something you can book in advance.

Plan family activities like white water rafting and horseback rides before you go

Plan children activities in advance

If you are traveling with young children you will want to make sure you plan their activities in advance. There is nothing worse than showing up to a hotel and finding out that the pool is closed (or even worse, they don't have one!) and the day camp is full. Most ski resort towns have day camps for children where they can ride zip lines, go horseback riding and go hiking. You'll want to book these type of activities in advance to ensure that your children have plenty to do while on vacation. It's also possible to plan family activities like white water rafting and mountain biking before you travel.   

Book with a Mountain Vacation Specialist

One of the worst things that can happen on a vacation are hidden fees. You book your rental care or home online and then when you arrive you find out there are "additional taxes" or "traveler fees" added to your bill. When you work with our Mountain Vacation Specialists to book your travel you can avoid those hidden fees. Not only will they help plan everything from airport pickup to childcare but you will also know about the total price of your vacation before you travel.