Tips for a Good Road Trip

This past weekend, I took my second ever road trip with some friends down to Washington D.C. to help a friend move. The first road trip I took was in October 2013 and it was from Chicago to Nashville. Naturally, I am now an expert at road trips and as an expert, I have a list of five tips to make your road trip extra awesome!
  1. Pack some food You’re going to definitely be making pit stops along the way for bathroom and stretching, but I found that not having to stop for food was helpful. On my first trip we had a cooler we filled with snacks and beers, and on the second trip we bought food before we hit the road and then some gas station snacks along the way. Make sure to pack some fruits and vegetables, because sitting for 8+ hours at a time are going to make you feel kind of gross anyway, so adding chips and chocolate to that mix won’t help.
  2. Bring water! This one can be hard because you don’t want to have to stop a million times for the bathroom but staying hydrated is super important. Most Americans are chronically dehydrated as it is, but when you’re in a car and focusing on the road you can often forget to be drinking lots of fluids. Hydrate yourself!
  3. Get a good playlist Road trip number one was taken with a friend who I am dubbing the queen of playlists. Half of the music on my iTunes comes from her music. She had hours and hours of music loaded onto her iPod so there was never a problem of deciding who got to control the music.
  4. Find awesome things to see along the way There’s an app you can download that tells you different landmarks nearby where you are, but you have to pay for each segment of your trip. To break the trip up a bit, do some research ahead of time and chose a few interesting places to stop along the way.
  5. Split up the driving I’m going to admit, this is not my strong suit. I’m a naturally nervous driver, even more so when its a car that isn’t covered under my insurance where if I crashed I would be broke forever. So I was fairly useless in this department, and for that I apologize to my friends. Otherwise, make sure to break the driving up fairly. It sucks when one person is stuck driving the entire time (unless they enjoy driving. In which case, more power to them!) Hit the road, everyone!