Why family ski trips matter

It's not just for the kiddos. Every age stage can benefit from a family ski trip to the mountains.

Family Bonding.

family ski tripPhoto: Aspen Snowmass
Any type of family trip should be cherished, but we're partial to ski vacations because of the many unique, shared experiences. In terms of winter activities, there’s no shortage of attractions in the mountains to enjoy together. Whether it's skiing the same run together, an evening spent swirling around a Christmas-lit ice rink as Holiday music plays or whooshing through evening winder winds behind a team of sled dogs, this precious time together strengthens family and individual bonds. Families who spend meaningful time together, i.e. without being glued to smartphones and tablets, listen and talk to one another more effectively, and children, specifically, develop healthy communication skills, according to a CBS Houston article. 


family around bonfirePhoto: Aspen Snowmass
All skiers who grew up going on family ski trips, whether out West or to their home-town hill, will tell you the same thing. It was always a special time, and, more likely than not, those trips and the memories made on them stand the test of time.
They’re the kind of memories, where you get a lot of "Remember when Dad tried to do a spread eagle…" or "Remember when Jamie jumped into the snow in her bathing suit…" or "Remember when I put 30 marshmallows in my hot chocolate…"
They're the kind of memories you'll always come back to, whether you're nine or 90, parent or child.


We live in a time where life can be quite routine and sterile. Time in the mountains provides a much-needed break from that predictability, and also provides families with a way to expose children to a more rugged, wild side of life. Parents who take their youngsters on ski trips set an example that fosters a sense of fun that stays with them through life. Play and adventure is an important part of all life stages and makes for well-adjusted kids and adults.

Outdoor time.

snowtubing in aspen snowmassPhoto: Aspen Snowmass
Time outside among stunning, snow-covered peaks and magical mountain towns blanketed in powder create a unique connection to nature that can't be experienced on many other trips. Appreciating via first-person experiences the glories of the great outdoors inspires people to dream, tap into creativity energy and, most importantly, protect the natural world. Plus, while most people are sitting inside complaining about the cold, you and your clan will be enjoying the fresh winter air and getting some exercise.

New Skills + Experiences.

snow biking in vailPhoto: Vail Ski Resort
Learning and even mastering like skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing or winter fat biking open up new worlds for everyone in your family. You can access more places and see unique sights that a non-skier/snowboarder/winter biker cannot. Once you've caught the ski or snowboard bug, it typically stays with you for life, so you and your kids can look forward to a lifetime of winter fun.