Why renting a condo is best for your summer family vacation

So just what are the advantages of renting a condo for your summer family vacation? Don’t get me wrong – I love hotels, and they definitely play a role in my family travel. But for the extended three-week trip my family takes at the beginning of every August, I wouldn't want to stay anywhere but in a vacation rental. We love it so much, in fact, that we’ve been doing so in Vermont for over a decade.

Playing in the mud

Keeping clean. I don’t know about yours, but my kids seem to be able to get exponentially dirtier in the summer than at other times of the year. By the end of the day, their clothes are a study in sunblock, ice cream, ketchup and just plain old dirt. Staying in a condo with a washer and drier means I can pack a minimum of clothes and still make sure they have something clean to put on each morning.

Ice Cream at the Farmer's Market

Dining local. In many communities, summer offers a chance to shop at wonderful farmer’s markets. Having a kitchen where you can prepare food means you too can shop for the freshest, most seasonal ingredients. Sometimes I even indulge in a big bouquet of flowers, which makes my vacation rental seem even more like home.

Spacious living rooms

Spreading out on rainy days. I’m not trying to jinx your trip, but we all know that rain happens, even on summer vacation. And nothing can make a rainy day at the beach turn sour faster than having to spend it in cramped quarters. Having space where your family an spread out and play a game or watch a video is one way to make sure everyone stays on speaking terms even when the thunderstorms roll in.  

s'mores by the fire

S’mores! One of summer’s key pleasures if cooking food outdoors. While you can’t grill burgers or toast marshmallows in a hotel room, many vacation rental condos have barbecue grills or fire pits that you can use.

Biking in Telluride

Bikes, fishing poles, and canoes. No matter what kind of outdoor activity you've got planned, staying in a condo gives you room for your gear. At a hotel, you’ll have to leave all that stuff out in the parking lot and just hope that no one tries to take it off your car. And when that thunderstorm rolls through? You’ll still have a dry bike seat the next morning.

bumper boats for the kids 

No need for babysitters. My kids like to stay up late and catch fireflies in the summer. I like to relax and enjoy a drink with my husband after a nice meal. Staying in a condo means we can both do just what we want without the need for any kind of childcare.

Sunset Rock at Mad River Valley, Vermont

Making memories. There’s something about staying in a vacation rental that feels like a home away from home. Whether that’s because you’re more likely to settle down together and watch a favorite movie or if it’s that many condos come with features that kids love like bunk beds, this type of family vacation is the stuff that enduring family memories are made of. And isn't that what summer family travel is all about?