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Fernie Alpine Resort, British Columbia

Resort Information

Fernie is a ski resort high in the Canadian Rockies that receives 440” inches of average yearly snowfall. The resort sits above the historic mining town of the same name. Fernie boasts legendary powder and uncrowded trails. There are 142 named runs stretching across 2500 acres of skiable terrain. It can take days, even weeks, to explore all of it.

Town History and Legend

As the story goes, a prospector named, William Fernie, agreed to marry the daughter of an Indian Chief, but backed out. The angry chief cursed the valley with fire, flood, and famine. The valley has since experienced all of these, and has been rebuilt several times. The curse was ceremoniously lifted by the Kootenai Chief smoking a peace pipe with the town mayor in 1964. Many old buildings still stand giving Fernie its distinctive character. A ski vacation here promises to be an exciting adventure.

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Opening Day: December 1, 2012
Average Snowfall: 445"
Skiable Acres: 2500
Number of Lifts: 10

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