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Welcome to the one of the largest mountain lodging and vacation rental network online. With thousands of properties in more than 120 destinations across North America, Europe, South America and Japan, Mountain Reservations is a leader in ski lodging, mountain vacation rentals and mountain lodging. Our Destination Experts have local knowledge for every mountain destination in our inventory. They'll match you and your travel group with the perfect mountain resort based on your needs and preferences. Give us a call today and book the mountain vacation you've only dreamed about until now!

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"My wife and I were in charge of setting up our annual trip to Breckenridge for 18 people. Matt showed great knowledge of the area. With Matt’s help we have a great 5BR home at the base of Peak 8, generous options for lift tickets and shuttles to and from Denver.

Several of our friends have already expressed how happy they are with the details of our trip saying they can't believe we have the opportunity to stay in such a beautiful home (Boulder Ridge) in an amazing location."

-Kurt and Danielle, ST. Louis, MO.