Paperwork - Why Professionally Managed Matters - Part II

I'm booking a condo for the weekend, not applying for a new mortgage!

Vacation Home owners are very protective of their homes - and rightly so.  A second home can represent the fulfillment of a lifetime of dreams, and often is the "pride and joy" of the owners.  Unfortunately, sometimes these very understandable feelings, and the desire to protect their "pride and joy" can result in  a booking experience that is far more cumbersome than what travelers are used to when they book a hotel or other accommodation.  Many owners will insist on a rigorous rental contract or short term lease agreement to govern the terms of the rental. Sometimes, these agreements also require  significant security deposits and checks mailed in advance and held well after the vacation is completed.

Case in Point - My wife recently rented a vacation home in Newport Beach California. It was a terrific home, and she had a great time. Unfortunately, this home required a rental contract and a $3,000 security deposit.  My wife organized the trip for her group and spent several weeks going back and forth with the owner and signing a detailed contract.  She also had to forward the money for the deposit. My wife and her friends returned from their trip 2 weeks ago, but she is still waiting for the deposit to be returned. This is not the ideal customer experience.

Professional Property Management Companies can help make things easier for both the owner and the renter. Because the PMC is in the hospitality business and books hundreds of customers in and out of their clients' vacation homes, they are better positioned to help streamline the process. If a contract is needed, they have standardized forms that are both thoroughly vetted to protect the owner and renter, and efficiently streamlined to minimize the disruption to the booking and check-in process. In addition, the PMC is able to utilize credit cards, and often will only require an authorization to cover a damage deposit, instead of actually charging the card.

At Mountain Reservations, we seek out the best Property Management Companies to work with so we can provide our customers with the most convenient  shopping and booking experience possible. The vast majority of our properties can be booked online with a credit card, and the terms and conditions of the rental are clearly outlined in the Vacation Authorization form that our clients can read and agree to online or over email.