Renting a European Vacation Rental

When you rent a vacation home in Europe — usually called a villa or apartment — you take an additional step into the culture of your destination.  Traveling abroad is full of exotic sights, smells, sounds and everyday differences that tell you that you are away from home.  Renting a home in a foreign country provides not only a home base where you can gather with family and friends to recount the adventures of the day, but also an invitation to live as the locals do.

European condos and rentals

There is something about walking to the local village food stores to gather the ingredients for a fresh meal that makes you think that this is how things have been done here for several hundred years.  A stop at the fish store, the cheese store, the butcher, and of course the bakery!  (Everyone in France seems to be walking around with a 2–3 foot baguette sticking out of their hand bag.)  What a culinary delight to prepare a meal from fresh local ingredients procured from these specialists.

fresh seafood pasta in Europe

When in Spain — how about closing the big wooden shutters outside the windows to prepare a cool and dark environment for an afternoon siesta!  Or standing on the balcony to watch the activity on the beach or village as if you lived there.  I even got a kick out of hanging the laundry from the clotheslines to dry in the wind.

balcony views in Spain

A vacation overseas is a wonderful opportunity to explore different cultures and different ways of life.  Make the most of it by renting a vacation home abroad. Mountain Reservations offers over 35,000 European homes, villas, apartments and chalets all available to make your vacation a perfect one. Call one of our Mountain Vacation Specialists for help today!