How Ski Butlers makes renting equipment a breeze

Do you ever dream of going on a fabulous ski vacation, but you don’t own any ski equipment? Or perhaps you only ski once or twice per year and don’t want to purchase expensive ski gear that will either go out of style soon or be out-rated by newer and better equipment. OR maybe you normally rent your ski equipment, but have no idea what to get and the company you use isn’t very helpful. If you fall into any of these scenarios, Ski Butlers is the company for you. With several awards and accolades under their belt, including features in highly-rated publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Ski Magazine, GQ, and the Washington Post, Ski Butlers is no doubt one of the top companies to rent ski equipment from. Ski Butlers has locations in 10 major destinations and accommodates 35 ski resorts, covering all major ski areas in the Western United States.

How Does Ski Butlers Work?

Ski Butlers Easy Reservation System

Ski Butlers 4 step process

Renting skis or snowboarding equipment from Ski Butlers is easy, in fact, there are only 4 steps you need to follow. Simply log on to their website and fill out their quick reservation form, get fitted the day of, enjoy full support while you ski, and then leave the gear for Ski Butlers to pick up when you are done

Ski Butlers Ski and Snowboard profiles

Ski Butlers Destinations



Copper Mountain


Beaver Creek




Park City

Deer Valley

Jackson Hole

Sun Valley

Big Sky

Lake Tahoe


Ski Butlers Custom service

Ski Butlers Custom service